Uni-Virtual License

General-purpose license
For creations imagined for use
In virtual space

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February 28, 2020

Official site release


 The Uni-Virtual License (hereinafter referred to as "UV license") is a template set of terms and conditions for 3D models for avatar culture.

 UV licenses can be adopted as terms of use for 3D character models, 3D costume models, 3D accessories, etc. for avatars sold by creators.

What is a UV license?

Terms and conditions template for avatar culture in virtual space.

 Due to the nature of the avatar culture, living in a virtual space, customized 3D models sold or distributed are used to create secondary creations and used as avatars. In this case, the secondary creation is intended to demonstrate its own personality through avatars, and is not intended to violate the copyright of the author in most cases.
 Creators who present 3D models to the avatar culture in virtual space do not want to insist on claiming copyright to those who took their work. Rather, many people are happy to play with their work and to use it as an avatar.
 The UV license was intended to create a tool that both creators and users can publish, modify, and use as their own avatars with confidence, assuming copyright exists. That is the UV license.

 To know more about UV licensing, please visit this page.

 Under the UV license, creators and users can do and can’t do the following.

What creators can do

 A UV license consists of one basic clause and eight individual clauses.

 A creator can state “how I want people to use my work” and “how I do not want people to use my own work” by combining a UV license.
 The combinations of UV licenses are as follows:

Permission with UV license
Use as avatar
Modification and part diversion within the non-commercial area of the individual
Free modification request (with conditions)(条件あり)
Creators can choose to allow or disallow in individual terms
Personal commercial use
Commercial use of corporations
Distribution of secondary creations
Sales of secondary works
Diversion of data during sales and distribution
Political / religious use
Use for sexually‐mature content
Use of violent‐content for adult
other noteworthy things
Don’t permitted with UV license
Falsely pretending to be the author
Acts that hinder creators' rights
Use for criminal and antisocial expressions
Use contrary to public order and morals
Use for the purpose of slandering a third party

About the indication of UV license

 Please indicate that you are using a UV license on the distribution page or sales page of the work that uses the UV license, and on the main body of the work or its manual or package. At that time, please put a link to the URL of the selected UV license.

Example of UV license logo notation

Click here for the full text of the UV license agreement.

What users of UV-licensed works can do

 Through UV license, users can know “how creators want people to use their work,” and “how creators don't want people to use their work,”.
 At a minimum, “use as an avatar” “Alteration or use of parts within the scope of personal use” is allowed for works that use UV licensing.

 The creators use UV licenses to express their opinions about how to make money for themselves and how to use them for adult expression. For more information, please see “What does the UV license for the work you want to use allow and not allow?”.

 For more information, please see the UV license user page
 You can search by license or purpose.

The user page is this .

Contact Us

Please contact the following contact information if you have any questions about a UV license.

Contact Us

 In addition, the UV license is based on the assumption that the text of the terms will be changed in advance as the evolving virtual space changes. Please raise your hand to the UV Licensing Review Team to reflect the opinions and requests of creators who have adopted UV Licensing.
 The UV Licensing Review Team is a non-profit team that is independent of any specific event or legal entity and is composed of volunteer avatar creators. Discussions on the terms of the UV license are performed on the Discord server.
 If you can run for the UV Licensing Review Team, please contact us from the above contact information.