About Uni-Virtual License

 Uni-Virtual license is a template of terms of use for digital products that are intended for use in virtual space, such as 3D models for avatars, 3D accessory models, 3D costume models, and various other digital assets.

When should I use a Uni-Virtual license?

 The Uni-Virtual license is a new copyright rule for avatar living areas in virtual space, and the copyright owner who publishes the work indicates that "If you comply with these conditions, you can use my work freely" The purposes of Uni-Virtual license in the sale and distribution of "creatives that are supposed to be used in virtual space", are to reduce the creator's effort in reviewing the terms of the agreement and the burden of responding to violators of the terms, support the understanding of the customer's terms of use due to language barriers. The Uni-Virtual license aims to evolve the virtual space, create creative creators, and create a state where customers can operate in the virtual space with confidence.

How did the Uni-Virtual license come about?

 From around the end of 2017, along with the trend of VR social such as VRChat, the culture of living with avatars of 3D models in virtual space began. At the same time, creators who sell or distribute 3D models as avatars have appeared. Since then, many 3D models for avatars have been sold, and a new culture called the avatar culture has flourished in virtual space.
 On the other hand, the avatar's terms of use in virtual space have many problems. The following is an example of the problems.

  • Models that are not intended for use as avatars, such as MMD models, are used as avatars
  • Third parties fraudulently upload and sold avatars to external uploaders, deterring creator revenue
  • The definition of words such as redistribution and commercial use is varied by the creator's interpretation, making it difficult for customers to understand.

 A base of Uni-Virtual Licensing Initiative is a Creative Commons license. The Uni-Virtual license was inspired by the Creative Commons license and wascreated for "use in virtual space."

Why is Uni-Virtual license needed?

 Uni-Virtual license is a new copyright rule for avatar living area in virtual space.

 In Japan, copyright is created simultaneously with the creation of a work. Copyright is a right that was created to prevent the creator from losing creativity by suffering disadvantages, such as imitation of the work. For this reason, others are not allowed to use without permission works to have the copyright.

 Due to the nature of the avatar culture in a virtual space, it is often found that customized 3D models sold or distributed are used to create secondary creations and used as avatars.
 In this case, the secondary creation is intended to demonstrate the customer's own personality through the avatar, and is not intended to violate the copyright of the author in most cases.

 Creators who present 3D models to the avatar culture in virtual space may not want to insist on copyright to their customers. Rather, many people feel delight to play with their work and to customize or use it as an avatar. The Uni-Virtual Licensing Review Board decided to create a tool that allows both creators and customers to publish, modify, and use their avatars with peace of mind, premising on existence of a copyright. That is the Uni-Virtual license.

Is there a copyright in the text or mark of the Uni-Virtual license?

 Uni-Virtual license terms and copyrights of various icons are held by the Uni-Virtual License Review Committee. This is intended to prevent creators and customers who use the Uni-Virtual license from having disadvantages such as confusion caused by malicious third parties. The Uni-Virtual Licensing Review Committee does not receive copyright fees from creators and customers.

What is the Uni-Virtual License Review Committee?

 The Uni-Virtual Licensing Review Committee is a non-profit organization that is independent of certain events and legal entities.
 It is a team of volunteer avatar creators for the development of virtual space and avatar culture. The creator is a moving castle named Fio. Focusing on Fio, a moving castle, we have created a template for the rules centering on FIO, we have created a template for the rules with the advices from avatar creators and confirmation of a lawyer office. Administrative procedures are supported by HIKKY Co., Ltd.